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BOOK REVIEW: "The Politics of Piety"

“Politics of Piety” authored by Professor Saba Mahmood is an eye-opening, sharply riveting and roughly eviscerating with concise and precise prescription of pseudo, stereotypical and a show-off of piety in the Muslim world when it comes to wearing hijab. She discussed all critical, philosophical, religious and theocratic aspects of creating different Islamic movements within the Islamic world, especially in Egypt through the hijab factor. She also takes her reader on a historical tour of wearing hijabs and its socioeconomic and political outcomes.

“Politics of Piety” is very well-versed with a superlative degree of language and very careful use of sentences gives a roller-coaster ride to its readers. Sometimes it causes a shock and awe moment. The author very successfully is able to avoid biases of liberalism, anti-liberalism and conservatism.

This inspirational book is a must read for all the young Muslim women aspiring to be the leaders for their in-depth and critical study of theocratic rules, regulations, laws, norms and conventions.

It’s a masterpiece in all contemporary books to be written on that particular subject.

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