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BOOK REVIEW: "Fifty Million Rising"

Author Saadia Zahidi

“Fifty Million Rising” authored by Saadia Zahidi is deeply inspiring, grippingly communicating, enhancingly interpretative, coherently descriptive, abundantly data-collective, cohesively fabricated and piercingly critical book which tells us the stories of fifty million women rising within the Muslim world.

This book enshrines the different ways, paths and roadmaps which were paved by women on their own to break the status quo in order to become economically viable and independent. This book also inspires its readers that how the individual and collective power of woman can make things conducive for them if persistence, commitment, steadfastness and unwavering dedication towards their own well-being remains intact. It also inspires through the innovative ideas and methods adopted by the down-trodden women living in culturally different societies in Islamic countries causing a paradigm shift of uniting the societies and raising awareness for gender empowerment as well.

This book cannot be encapsulated in any amount of words till it is read in its entirety. Lot of data collection, maps, photographic enhancements visually represent the fifty million women rising.

It is a must read for all the women who are actively participating and contributing towards gender empowerment through any regional, national or international program.

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