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Aisha "Ash" I.


My roots are grounded in the region of Indo-Pak. I am the progeny of Punjabi parents whose Pashtun ancestors migrated from Afghanistan and settled in the Punjab province of Pakistan. These close ties to the “land of the pure” set ablaze a deep-rooted passion for serving the underprivileged, under-served and underrepresented masses globally as I firmly believe our fellow human beings also deserve the same rights, opportunities and freedom as those who are a part of higher and privileged social status or are residing in developed countries.

Ash Malik at Cloud Gate Chicago.jpg

An advocator, promoter, campaigner and canvasser for equality across the spectrum, residing close to the most powerful corridors of the world, Washington, D.C., plays a significant role in realizing the dream destination of any cause.


Academically, I pursued the field of medicine because it was an opportunity to touch the lives of others, one patient at a time. Becoming a Certified & Registered Medical Assistant and pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Health Administration & Management allowed me the opportunity to serve in multiple specialties, including family practice, hospital admissions, pharmacy, optometry, radiology, medical insurance billing & coding, office administration & management as well as teach Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology.


Dedicating 10+ professional years in health care, I acquired first-hand knowledge and experience which equipped me to contribute towards innovative healthcare initiatives promoting good health and well-being for all, regardless of race, color, creed or class.

Medical Office Admin Ash Malik
Ash Malik Medical Office Asst Mgr
Ash Malik as Biller & Coder
Cert & Reg Medical Asst Ash Malik
Ash Malik at Radiology Office
Ash Malik at Lockheed Martin AFSS

To enhance my knowledge on integrating information technology in healthcare, I shifted my career path to work in the realms of IT at Lockheed Martin Air Flight Service Station where I developed skills in the service delivery environment which resulted in my current occupation at the World Bank Group, specifically in International Finance Corporation's Run-the-Business department.

Raison D'être

Socially, I run an internationally renowned non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization based on the philosophy of catalyst philanthropy cobbled with social enterprise called IKDAR, which means VALUES. Partnered with the United Nations on its Global Agenda of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as an Ambassador for Peace, and a vocal Global Citizen, I actively promote IKDAR's World 4 Peace program with the slogan of "Giving Peace A Chance" as well as its various human development projects, products and services in order to fulfill the objectives of reviving, refining, reforming and enhancing the socioeconomic and political values of South Asian societies. IKDAR is a platform always open to new, creative and innovative ideas for instilling social change and reinvigorating people, communities and societies in becoming global citizens.

Ash Malik at UNGA for SDGs Partnerships

Entrepreneurially, my empirical knowledge and extensive experience with the amalgam of consistent hard-work keeps me motivated to do more in life individually and collectively. My passion for sustainable human development drives my motivation whilst fueling my comittment for integrating fundamental human values into societies through the philosophy of catalyst philanthropy cobbled with social enterprise and has become my raison d'être (reason to exist).

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